For your first Insurance there are two options.


The first option is to be added as a named driver under your parent’s car insurance policy. The second option which is more appropriate for young drivers who have recently purchased their own car is to take out insurance cover themselves under their own name.

As a new driver you will pay a high premium for your first Insurance.


How to make it cheaper

PassPlus: is an advanced driving course designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).Apart from making you a safer driver, obtaining a Pass Plus qualification can also reduce your car insurance premiums. It is not a TEST, minmum 6 hours tuition with your instructor. Highly recommended to improve your driving skills.

 Advanced Driving test : With the Institute of Advanced Motorists

 Another TEST! Not as bad as it sounds and you will enjoy it! Join the IAM, take "The Skill for Life ,"train for free with their observer in your car at your pace. When the observer is satisfied your ready, take the test ( not with the DSA). Then insure your car with the IAM's own insurance company (only available to Advanced drivers). Then not only will your insurance be cheaper, but your now an Advanced Driver, how cool is that! Contact


What car is cheaper to insure?

Insurance companies grade cars by groups, so what is a group and how does it work? The grouping starts at 1, the higher the group number the more you pay. So, cars in groups upto 4 or 5 would be cheaper than a car in group 10. Myths about engine size ; A peugeot 306TD, 2 ltr turbo diesel - group 5; Mini 1.6 petrol , starts at group 8 rising to 15. Steer clear from modifications. Keeping your car as standard will keep your premiums down.Reduce the level of risk. By installing an approved alarm system it can save you considerably on your insurance premiums. Lowering your estimated mileage can give you a cheaper premium. So before BUYING the car check out the INSURANCE!


If your not insured your car will be confiscated and crushed!!


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