Here are some tips when buying your first car.



Always take someone to check the car over for you. If you can have the AA or RAC to inspect the car for you. If you can't do this follow these simple steps.


What to look for on the vehicle

  • check carefully underneath stickers, where fitted - they can be used to conceal etching
  • does the engine number match the registration certificate?
  • has the engine been interfered with, altered or changed?
  • do the locks differ? (Thieves often change locks they have damaged)
  • are there any signs of forced entry?
  • has the locking petrol cap been forced and replaced?

If you are buying a vehicle privately and it is later identified as having been stolen you may have no right to its ownership. You could lose both the vehicle and the money you paid for it. If you purchase a new pre-registered vehicle the dealer must return the Registration Certificate (V5C) immediately so that the vehicle can be registered in your name.


How to check the car

When you arrive to look at the car do a visual check to see that all the panels are in line and the gaps between the panels are symetrical, if not this could indicate crash damage. The engine should be cold, if not this might indicate the seller has warmed the engine due to starting problems.Check the levels on the engine - TIP: with the engine not running and cold undo the oil filler cap and the coolant container if there is a thick creamy gunge inside this could mean Head Gasket problems!! Check that all the lights and electrics are working, if not use this as a bargaining tool in order to reduce the price. After all, anything broken or not working you have to pay to get it fixed!

Take the car for at least a 10 mile drive, this will warm the engine to normal temperature. While on the test drive: check brakes - do the brakes pull to the side?, steering - does the car steer straight or does it wander?, heater- does it give hot air? Are there any unusual noises from the engine? Does the engine blow smoke under acceleration - white smoke indicates Head Gasket - blue or black smoke indicates burning oil.

Gearbox and clutch. While on the test drive to check the clutch - get to a speed of 30mph put the car into 5th gear push the gas pedal down, if the engine revs highly this might be an indication that the clutch is worn. The gears should change smoothly, not grind and not jump out of gear, any unusual noises get it checked before you buy.

Exhaust: With the engine running place your hand with a cloth over the end of the exhaust and listen for blowing gases along the length of the pipe.

Satisfy yourself that you are totally happy with the car, if not look elsewhere there are thousands of cars out there and your the one that's BUYING!

If you are happy, try and negotiate a lower price. Remember that tyre just on the legal limit, that could cost between £40- £100, the exhaust was blowing: £80 - £500 depending on the car!

These are just a few tips that hopefully will help you make the right decision when purchasing your first car, the first one is always special! 


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