The terms & conditions can be changed at short notice. The pupil will be informed verbally if changes are to be made.


Pupils must give 48 hours notice if they need to cancel a lesson. Otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged.

The Pupil Record Book will be kept by the pupil and brought
on each lesson to record progress.

Whilst every care will be taken to ensure Pupils receive training at the requested time, all bookings are made on the understanding that the School is not responsible for the postponement of training due to traffic conditions, adverse weather conditions, mechanical breakdown of equipment or any other cause outside of our control.

Block Booking payments are not refundable.

After arriving at your nominated pick up point for your lesson if there is no reply at the address in question, we will wait approximately 15 minutes. If after 15 minutes, you have not arrived, the lesson will be abandoned and you will be required to pay for the lesson(s) in question.

If, upon arrival for an appointment, the Instructor deems that the Pupil is unfit to undertake that lesson through misuse of drink or drugs, then the Instructor has the right to cancel that lesson and the Pupil will be liable for payment of the fee.

                                  THE DRIVING TEST:
The school reserves the right to withhold the training vehicle, if in the Instructors opinion, the pupil does not reach the required standard. The school cannot be held responsible for Test Appointments being postponed or cancelled by the Driving Standards Agency. Furthermore we are not responsible for any failure of light bulbs etc during the Practical test. All bulbs/lights etc will be checked at the test centre prior to the test, with the candidate.


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